Ready to get paid what you are worth
without working long hours
or neglecting your family?
Do you relate to any of these statements?
  • You are great at what you do. 
  • You don't get excited about the business side of your business. (...maybe things like invoicing?)
  • ​​You are frustrated because you are working hard, but still not where you want to be. 
  • ​H​You know you need help. (...but you don't the right place to find it) 
  • ​You are tired of going it alone. 

My Dream. My Terms.

It's time. Time for you to finally stop what isn't working and learn proven strategies that really do work, so you can start making the money you deserve. Time to finally have the freedom you've been dreaming of. Time for you to have your dream business and live your dream life on your terms.
Time for you to become a Dreamcatcher!

[ Here's a sneak peak into the My Dream. My Terms. membership program... ]

Are You Asking Yourself Any of These Questions...
  •  Why don't I have more clients?
  • ​Why am I working so many hours and still not making what I am worth?
  • ​Why am I not getting my billing done on time?
  • ​​How do I find the right clients who are happy to pay me what I am worth?
  • ​​How can I spend more time working with my clients and less time working on the business-side?
  • ​​Why am I not as confident as other business-owners I meet at my networking groups?
  • ​​How do I raise my prices without losing clients?
  • ​​How do I consistently stay in touch with past clients and prospects?
  • ​What is the best way for me to ask for referrals?
  • ​Why are less-talented competitors getting more work than I am?
Then the 'My Dream. My Terms.' program
is the perfect business growth program for you.

The My Dream. My Terms. program is currently closed while we work on some exciting new programs for it, but it will reopen in January 2020. If you would like to be one of the first to be notified when the doors open, simply provide us with your email address. 
Thanks future Dreamcatcher!

If you are already running a business, and have the acumen, the drive, and the intellect, but feel like something is missing, we can help. It might be the belief, support, accountability, education, whatever 'it' is that is giving you that 'missing' feeling,' can truly be a thing of the past.

If you are just starting out in business and want to be sure you are setting it up properly, getting your mindset in the right place, and want to have a team of experienced professionals there to work through challenges with you, we can help.

"After over six years of working hard to build a small business, I came to realize I was so busy working in my business that I didn’t have time to work on my business. After meeting Kirsten at a network group, I knew she was what I needed to take my business to the next level. She understands owning your own business and what steps need to be taken to grow your business even more.
I look forward to her encouragement, ideas, and helping me to stay focused on my goals. She is my accountability partner. I know with her as my mentor and coach, I will grow my business to the next level and beyond."
~ Debra Fortosis

Isn't it finally time you invest in yourself?

Make 2020 the time to build your dream life and business on your terms!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the program? 
You will have access to all the information in the program for 12 months. That includes the new, weekly coaching calls, bonus material and access to the Dreamcatchers private community on Facebook. 
What if I want to join for 1 month and get all the stuff?
You can do that but remember, it’s one thing to have all the ‘stuff’ and another to have ongoing support to assist you in implementing the ‘stuff’. Our Dreamcatchers community is about continuing to learn, cultivate new ideas and provide support to you.
Is this really for me?
If you are a person who is truly sincere to about growing your business and income then this is the place to be. Ongoing education and being a part of a mastermind group that has your back is key to building your brand, business and income. Why go it alone when you can be part of something so much bigger? Learn from others mistakes? Share in other people's successes? And allow others to celebrate your wins with you!
When does my membership start? 
Right away! Immediately after you sign up, you will receive an email with your login details to get access to the My Dream. My Terms. membership program. If you upgrade to the VIP Program you will also get an email from your coach to set up your private coaching sessions.
Can I join if I don’t live in the US?
Yes, absolutely! We have clients in the UK, Australia and Canada. We are grateful for the technology that allows us to live in a global community but work together as if we were all together. We love our community because we all learn from each other. Just because things have been done a certain way for years and years doesn't mean its the only way or the best way, we always need to challenge the status quo. Being part of an international mastermind can have huge benefits (keep in mind Jeanne lived in England for years) but we have only built businesses in the US. Marketing and selling seem to be universal but taxes and legal issues can be very different. We do not give legal or tax advice, we do recommend hiring a professional. This is the same advice we give to all of our clients.
Should I join the membership program or purchase the VIP membership/personal business coaching package?
Our membership program is filled with training, education, support and an amazing mastermind group but If you feel like you also need one-on-one time, the VIP membership/coaching package is for you. In your one-on-one coaching sessions, you and your coach will dig deep into the challenges you are having and set goals each month. Accountably is often the key to going to the next level and your coach will help keep you on track. The My Dream. My Terms. membership + coaching package has been priced to make it affordable to have both!
What is your refund policy
Once you purchase the program you have 14 days to choose to cancel for a refund. We will refund you the cost of the program less a $30 processing fee (and you will lose access to the program). If you cancel after 14 days, no refund will be provided.

Here's what you receive as a member of My Dream. My Terms.

Module 1:
Mindset & Mission Statement
The first thing you need to do to make a success of your business is to ensure your mindset is in the right place. In this module we explore what’s holding you back, why it’s important for you to not play small, and simple daily changes you can make daily.
Mission Statement
Our goal in this lesson is to get really clear on what problems you solve, who you solve them for and how you help your clients. After watching this, you will have a 1 page mission statement for your business.
Module 2: Money
Relationship with Money
It's really important to assess your relationship with money. You need to feel good about it in order to attract it into your life. Here we will walk you through how to energetically align yourself with money.
Mastering Your Money
Getting a hold of your money - both personal finances and business finances are essential to the foundation of your success.
Learn how to master both. 
Module 3: Pricing & Leverage
Learn that 'profit' is NOT a dirty word, pricing strategies, how to calculate your costs and incorporate that into how you price your services. Learn options for pricing yourself and how to make more money!
What is it really going to take your business to the next level? In a word, LEVERAGE. In this lesson you will learn different types of leverage, ROI, pitfalls to avoid and more.
Module 4:
Time Management &
Systems and Processes
Time Management
“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Systems and Processes
In order to successfully go from self-employed to a true entrepreneur and business-owner, you need systems and processes. Without systems you don’t own a business – you ARE the business. That means if you want to double revenue, you need to double the hours you work. Since you only have so many hours in a day, that limits how fast and how big you grow.
Module 5: Branding & Marketing
In this lesson we will discuss Branding. Beyond just a memorable logo, branding is people’s perception of a company. As a person you have a reputation. As a business you have a brand. Be sure to download the accompanying Brand Style Guide and Brand Audit.
“For a business not to market itself is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’ve done, but no one else does.”
Module 6: Business Plan
Business Plan
Now that you have made important decisions about your business, it's time to pull it all together in your Business Plan and Power Statement.
Bonuses Included...
  • Dreamcatcher Journaling (bringing success to everyday)
  • ​How to Give Reviews on Facebook
  • ​How to Get 3,000 LIKEs on Your Facebook Page (in 3 days!)
  • ​New programs added every month
  • ​​Weekly Live Coaching 
  • ​​Private, supportive Facebook Group of fellow Dreamcatchers
  • ​Special Pricing on One-on-One Coaching 

My Dream.My Terms. Membership Program

  • The 6 Core Entrepreneurial Masterclass Modules ($2997 Value)
  • ​Business Plan Worksheet, Marketing Strategy Worksheet, Brand Audit And Style Guide ($197 Value)
  • ​​Resources ($97 Value)
  • ​​Mindset Coaching ($997 Value)
  • ​Weekly Coaching Calls ($1,997 Value)
  • ​​Get 3000 Likes On Your Facebook Page In 3 Days ($497 Value)
  • ​Dreamcatcher Journaling ($179 Value)
  • ​​Dreamcatchers Facebook Group (Priceless)

Total Value : $6,961

Program reopening soon

More Praise From Our Dreamcatcher's Community...

"The launch would not be possible today without the greatest ‘business’ coach sent my way. She keeps you probing, digging, pushing one step further to know and understand your goals and desires. She helps you develop the way to get there. It’s more than just the “business” with Kirsten, it’s the discovery of how your life is to manifest itself in the plan we are each called to in this life personally, spiritually and professionally. Thank you Kirsten!"
~ Connie H., Realtor, Virginia

"Loved the flow and the friendliness of your workshops! You both are fantastic!”
~ Rachel C. 
“Liked the practical, easy-to-access recommendations.”
~ Anne G.  
“Thanks for the inspirational workshops. I’m excited about the possibilities!”
~ Patty L.  
“Easy to understand and follow. I am not intimidated by the content and am loving all the ideas and suggestions.”
~ Wendy Y. 
“Great content. Love the bite-sized strategies.”
~ Keriann K. 
“Very organized, practical suggestions. Jeanne & Kirsten are very knowledgeable.”
~ Debby D. 
Thank you Kirsten Graham, I appreciate all that you do! You are an incredible business coach!”
~ Sherri P., Photographer, Florida
“Very informative workshops. 10 out of 10.”
~ Georgina S. 
“Loved everything about these courses! Most useful information I’ve gotten in years. These could help anyone in business. I’m going to recommend your courses to anyone who will listen!”
~ Sarah L. 
“Very informative and educational! Thank you!”
~ Maynard S. 
“Very comprehensive. I'm learning a ton and grateful to have help from so many in the group. Thanks for a great program.”
~ Caitlin M.
“Very informative, great program! Love getting my questions answered in the weekly coaching calls.”
~ Lorie Z. 
“Content is very clearly explained. Really enjoying it.”
~ Luke Y. 

Isn't it finally time you invest in yourself?

Make 2020 the time to build your dream life and business on your terms!
Program reopening soon
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